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We remember with love and joy Mahmoud Elbarbary, MD, PhD, MSc, EDIC (1959-2017)


Mahmoud left us on May 8th after a brief illness while in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, but what he left behind was an amazing legacy of service. He was born in June 23rd, 1959. An accomplished physician he graduated medical school in Cairo in 1983. In 1985, he went into critical care medicine and earned his postgraduate degree while training in Houston Texas and was awarded his master degree of cardiology in 1991.

Besides earning his degree, he also accomplished the following:

Mahmoud received his European diploma of intensive care in 1999 and his PhD in critical care in 2001.

But Mahmoud’s legacy was in his practice, for much of his 30 years in medicine he served in the field of pediatric cardiac critical care. Even more interesting were some of the other things he did. In addition to his practice in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, he also held two adjunct faculty appointments at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario Canada and at the University of South Carolina. He also made special contributions by introducing 2 major programs in Middle East which is in practice an evidence based approach and point system of care in ultrasound. He contributed in missionary medical services in while using limited resources and in many cases in unstable countries, mostly in Africa and Asia.

Mahmoud assumed several academic and clinical posts and was a member of Ethics Committee & PFCCS Committee in the Society of Critical Care Medicine. Add to this the fact that Mahmoud lectured in several international meetings. He spoke on topics related to critical care, research, ethics, trans-religious and inter-cultural relationships. He shared decision making practices, as well as his knowledge of evidence based practice and point of care ultrasound.

Mahmoud also wrote, in addition to several peer reviewed articles, 11 book chapters and he was the main methodologist for 6 international guidelines that have been published.

His contributions to the annual International Symposium on Shock and Critical Care were immeasurable.

Mahmoud was a man of great character, outstanding intellect, tremendous vision, and extraordinary kindness. We and the world will miss him greatly. We will continue to honor Mahmoud and the tremendous legacy he has left us. He was survived by his two sons’ children: Mohammad, Ibraheem, and a daughter Aalaa. “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”.


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