Critical Care and Shock

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Abstract Objective: Sepsis is related to impaired hemostasis, starting with a subclinical coagulation activation known as hypercoagulability. The term for the coagulopathy process that
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Abstract Background: Fluid overload and venous congestion are deleterious in critically ill patients with cardiorenal syndrome. There is scarce literature on venous excess ultrasound
Abstract Trust is an indispensable cornerstone in the intricate web of the patient-provider relationship, and this fundamental element gains even more paramount significance within
Abstract Background: This case report presents the clinical course and management of a 27-year-old male patient admitted with symptoms of fever, fatigue, diarrhea, and
Abstract The intricate issue of information control surrounding patient well-being and healthcare is important for critical care practitioners. Exploring the ethical quandaries this poses,

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December 2023, Volume 26 Number 6