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High capillary leak index is associated with increased risk of ICU-related mortality after major abdominal surgery

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Objective: Major surgery may induce an inflammatory response, which results in an increased level of C-reactive protein (CRP) and represented in albumin loss to extravascular area due to increased capillary permeability. Our study was to evaluate the association between capillary leak index (CLI) and intensive care unit (ICU)-related mortality in patients underwent major abdominal surgery.

Design: This was a prospective study with cohort analytic design.

Patients and participants: We included adult patients aged 18 and older who were treated in ICU after underwent major abdominal surgery. Patients who were pregnant, having menstruation, relaparotomy, diabetes mellitus, and idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome were excluded from this study. Blood was collected before surgery and at 48 and 72 hours after surgery. Patients were observed for mortality incidence during treatment in the unit. The CRP level was measured using ABX Pentra 400 (HORIBA, Germany), whereas the albumin level was measured using HumaStar 80 (HUMAN, Germany). CLI was measured by dividing CRP level by albumin level. Data were analyzed using SPSS Statistics version 21.0 (IBM, New York, U.S.).

Results: CLI at hour 72 was associated with increased risk of ICU-related mortality (RR 21.667; 95% CI 2.938-159.763; p<0.001).

Discussion: Acute inflammation normally resolved within three days. Systematic response to tissue injury, including major surgery, is marked by increased proinflammatory cytokines, which promotes CRP production and capillary leakage. CRP production will increase to its peak level 36-50 hours after inflammation. However, if the injury still exists, inflammatory process will continue.

Conclusions: High CLI at hour 72 can be considered as the risk factor to ICU-related mortality.

Ade Susanti, Lestari Indah Lestari, Sedono R, Liberty IA


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June 2024, Volume 27 Number 3
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