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Blood pressure is related to hemorrhagic stroke in patients with syncope episodes

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Study objective: The indications for head computed tomography (CT) in the management of patients with syncope are unclear. In this study, clinical data from syncope patients were analyzed to identify the factors related to positive CT findings (hemorrhagic stroke).

Methods: This study was a retrospective, single-medical-center analysis, conducted in the emergency department of a community hospital. Ninety-seven patients with syncope were included. Their clinical data were collected from their medical records. A logistic regression analysis was used to examine the positive head CT results.

Results: Of these patients, 5% showed hemorrhagic stroke on CT. Diastolic blood pressure was significantly related factor to positive head CT (p=0.010).

Conclusions: Diastolic blood pressure might be a factor indicating the need for head CT in syncope patients. A large prospective cohort study of the head CT protocol is required to confirm this result.

Tadashi Kaneko, Kazumi Kumagai, Chiyomi Oshima, Takeshi Inoue


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June 2024, Volume 27 Number 3
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