Critical Care and Shock

Multiple Shotgun Pellet Embolization to the Pulmonary Artery

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Pellet embolization to the pulmonary artery from a shotgun injury is a rare event. Our current experience with this entity is described. We reviewed the literature of Bullet Embolization with emphasis on management. We believe that shotgun pellet pulmonary artery embolism should be regarded as a separate entity from bullet embolism. The mechanism of injury and its sequelae, leading to complication is very much subtle compared to bullet embolism per se. After entry into the venous system, smaller sized pellets can easily lodge into the distal segments of pulmonary artery but tend to have less deleterious effect as compared to bigger sized bullet. We therefore recommend non-surgical management of pellet pulmonary embolism with clinical follow up to determine emergence of complications.

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