Critical Care and Shock

Venomous Snakebites in Two Children

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Venomous snakebites, although uncommon, are potentially fatal. Venomous snakes can be grouped as having hemotoxic and neurotoxic venom. Children with venomous snakebites present with signs and symptoms ranging from fang bite marks, with or without swelling and local pain, to severe condition such as coagulopathy, renal failure and shock. We reported two pediatric cases of snakebites admitted at the same day to Pediatric Emergency Department Dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital from two different areas in Bandung. Both patients had similar clinical signs and symptoms consisted of fang bite marks, local pain, tingling, swelling beyond the area adjacent to proximal lesion. Both patients were bitten by venomous snakes and thus were treated with antivenin sera immediately. Identification of the snake from the first case could be done straight away because the victim could recognize the snake from the pictures that were shown to him that we assumed came from subfamily of Elapidae. Patient from the second case could not identify the type of snake. Hospitalization for at least 24-48 hours is required to monitor victims of venomous snakebites for signs and symptoms of neurologic or hematologic disorder. Both patients were discharged from the hospital in good condition after 48 hours of monitoring.

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