Critical Care and Shock

“Judge a journal (also) by its cover”


When you received Critical Care and Shock today, you probably wondered why we changed its cover. For the second time since the inception of the journal by Dr. Iqbal Mustafa, we have decided to modify its cover to depict the ongoing philosophy of the journal. This “new look” should not be a surprise for many of our readers. It is our goal to set us among the top journals in the fields of Critical Care Medicine and Shock. As previously announced in our last editorial, we have expanded the scientific profile of our journal and therefore, we felt we were ready for a “face lift”. Now, Critical Care and Shock publishes manuscripts dealing with original investigations, evidence-based medicine, review articles and occasionally case reports. Furthermore, studies regarding the clinical management of critically ill patients among Asia and the Pacific Rim are now favorably considered. Similarly, articles dealing with topics that are of interest to practitioners in these geographic areas are particularly welcomed. Accordingly, and to better define the scientific profile of our journal, you will see on our cover page the evolving state of the journal.

The blue color of the cover has a variety of different interpretations. Many will just consider it as the color intermediate between green and violet, while others will think of it as a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky. The color blue has been used in the past to signify the Union forces in the American Civil War (who wore blue uniforms). The color blue has also been considered morally rigorous and strict. Indeed, this is one of the characteristics of the journal that we are aim to accomplish.

In addition to the blue color, the cover also contains white color, which for many of you who are busied by your activities, may not attractive enough. Nevertheless, we would like to say that white is the color which shows you our sincere and devote compromise to continue to grow as a credible journal in critical care medicine.

Our website will also be undergoing an upgrade and the revised aims and scope of the journal will be published in 2006 to indicate our wish to receive manuscripts of high quality and novelty. We would also like to express our desire that the manuscripts submitted bring new and original information of general interest to practitioners dealing with critically ill patients. We are eager to receive, review and hopefully publish your research or review manuscripts that correspond to the present recommendations.

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