Critical Care and Shock

Iqbal Mustafa: The ultimate professor 1950-2004


The sudden and quite unexpected passing away of Dr. Iqbal Mustafa has left us with an immensely aching void. Those who were fortunate to become his close associates must have noted it, particularly because all the attributes surrounding him seemed to belie any such imminent death. As a man of great scientific passion and energy, still in apparently robust health and standing in the forefront of promoting the advances in critical care medicine, his abrupt death awoke us pain fully to the fact of how fragile and capricious our lives could be.

Friendship is a unique human relationship. It is a mutually free, consensual activity between two people. Each friendship is different and inexplicable, and based on its own particulars. When you lose a friend, you lose something special; you lose a part of yourself. But that friendship is not really lost if you pass it on to others. My friend Iqbal has passed away.